Poole, James (1803-1886)

Poole, James (1803-1886)
Poole, James (1803-1886)

James Poole was a landscape painter known for far-reaching mountainous views and expansive river scenes. He trained under Joseph Barber (1757-1811) alongside contemporaries Thomas Creswick, Thomas Baker and FH Henshaw but had his own distinctive style. In 1886, his obituary in the Lichfield Mercury describes an affable gentleman who was well-respected by his peers.

“Personally Mr Poole had many attractive qualities. He was singularly modest and unassuming, kindly in feeling, courteous in manner, and when discussing his own subjects his conversation never failed to interest and instruct those who were privileged to share in it. More than one lover of landscape art in Birmingham will recall with pleasure a friendly talk with him in the studio of his friend Mr Henshaw, and those who met him there always regretted that his visits were of such rare occurrence.”

It describes his works as possessing “remarkable purity of tone, careful finish, accurate drawing, and that indefinable, inexpressible charm which indicates a close study and a true love of nature.”

Today, James Poole is represented in several public collections including Sheffield Museum, The National Library of Wales, Clifton Park Museum and the National Trust.


Born in Birmingham.

Studied under Joseph Barber. 


Died in Sheffield.

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