Ølsted, Peter (1824-1887)

Ølsted, Peter (1824-1887)

Peter Ølsted produced tranquil landscapes with far-reaching views across abundant pastures and idyllic rural villages. His style was entirely traditional and influenced by the Danish golden age. Broad graduated skies dominate compositions with linear horizons dotted with precise architecture.

This romantic vision of the Danish countryside was popular with a range of buyers including Princess Caroline and Prince Georg. Like many, they were drawn to the dreamy ideals of an endless view under an extraordinary sky.

Today Peter Ølsted’s work stands above the norm - it’s quiet, charming, and quintessentially Danish.


Born in Copenhagen to distillery owner Rasmus Iversen and Marie Sørensdatter.


Enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.


Studied under Johan Ludwig Gebhard Lund (1777-1867).


Debuted at Charlottenburg Palace where Princess Caroline purchased one of his works. He exhibited regularly at the Palace covering the years 1849-50, 1852-70, and 1872-82.


Married Ida Henriette Schmidt, daughter of painter Carl Gottlieb Schmidt.


Died in Copenhagen.

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