Morsing, Leopold (1887-1971)

Morsing, Leopold (1887-1971)
Morsing, Leopold (1887-1971)

Leopold Morsing was an adept Swedish painter of landscapes, still lifes and portraits. 

As a young man, Morsing was thrust into an ever-advancing art scene with emerging modernist ideas filtering into Stockholm. Many of his contemporaries had trained in Paris and returned galvanised by the avant-garde. Art was changing, moving away from the rigours of academic thinking and towards a brighter, more liberal future.

He trained within two traditional environments, firstly at Caleb Althin's painting school, and then at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. This portrait study from 1906 was completed during his time at Althin’s. It’s a gripping depiction with the eyes seemingly captivated by something to the right. As if she knows, but we’re not privy. There’s life here, movement and spirit. It’s an achievement to convey such animation considering she’s a regular model that he presumably studied often.

Leopold Morsing

Following his tuition, Morsing developed a fruitful career and produced works in a variety of styles. During the 20s, his landscapes were often rendered as a gentle haze of minor tonal shifts - a little reminiscent of Whistler’s nocturnes with occasional references to pointillism. While in the 1950s, his compositions were pared back to the point of becoming almost minimalist. Two desolate trees stand before a view layered in blocky muddy greens and brown. Silhouetted Munch-esque figures stare towards a sliver of distant sea. His still lifes, however, were altogether more naturalistic. 

Morsing was one of an interesting group of Swedish artists who trained in traditional academic environments before embracing new ideas upon leaving. His oeuvre carries a modest quality, which perhaps reflected his character. He’s represented at Kalmar Museum and the Swedish State's portrait collection at Gripsholm Castle.

Public Collections

Kalmar Museum, Swedish State's portrait collection at Gripsholm castle.



Born in Uppsala, Sweden, to Gustaf Napoleon Morsing, the Major and District Manager of the Royal Roads and Water Building Corps, and Ebba Wilhelmina Morsing (nee Dahlberg).


Lived in Åby, Kalmar, Småland, with his family.

C. 1906

Trained at Caleb Althin's painting school.

Trained at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.


Married Edith Johansson.


Lived in Åby, Kalmar, Småland.


Married Inga Ågren.



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