Montague, Stanley (1809-1844)

Montague, Stanley (1809-1844)

Stanley Montague was a fascinating character who pursued two creative endeavours - acting and painting. From an early age, it was clear that he was destined for the arts as he took his first acting engagement at 15. He was received well by the critics and described as a ‘very handsome young man, well suited for the parts he played’.

Over the next 14 years, he worked as an actor while also developing a keen eye for painting. When away from the theatre, he would travel to Wales, England and the west of Scotland to sketch and hone his skills.

From 1828 until 1844, he exhibited regularly at the Scottish Academy and also once at the Royal Academy in London with ‘Wreck on the Lancashire Sands’. Stanley Montague is also known for his book illustrations as many of his landscapes have been engraved for this purpose.

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