Matthiessen, Amandus (1880-1955)

Matthiessen, Amandus (1880-1955)
Matthiessen, Amandus (1880-1955)

Amandus Matthiessen was born into an artistic family as his father and both grandfathers were painters. After developing his skills, he headed for the Academy in Copenhagen to train under Sophus Vermehren (1866-1950). He also trained at a school led by Harald Foss (1843-1922).

Later in life, he was described as a “tall and stately” man that would often stroke his “well-groomed beard with a characteristic hand gesture”. Together with his wife, he enjoyed entertaining guests and would usually spice up a conversation with witty anecdotes.

Fellow painter, Herman Vedel (1875-1948), produced a gentle portrait of him in 1938. The sensitive handling suggests a lasting friendship.

Extracts from Matthiessen’s memoirs can be found here.

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