Mathy, Henri (1897-1978)

Mathy, Henri (1897-1978)

As a young man, Mathy fought in the First World War and drew many landscapes from the fields at Flanders. Like many artists sent to war, his artistry provided a brief moment of escape from the mud, terror and drudgery.

Following the war, he continued to hone his skills and became influenced by the Belgian painter, Eugène Laermans (1864-1940). Laermans work tended to focus on downtrodden labourers toiling hard within rural settings.

Mathy’s interest in the working classes took him to Brabant (the home of Vincent Van Gogh) where he created colourful compositions in thick impasto - often depicting field workers. Undoubtedly, Vincent would’ve been close to his heart as the area of Brabant is enriched with his legacy.

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