Martens, Max (1887-1970)

Martens, Max (1887-1970)

German artist Max Martens created dramatic alpine snowscapes and picturesque lake vistas imbued with a deep sense of spiritual calm. The area of Gstadt am Chiemsee in Germany was a particular favourite but he also enjoyed the mountainous terrain of the Austrian Alps.


Born in Braunschweig, Germany.

Trained at the Kunstgewerbeschule.


Settled in Munich.


Visited the picturesque area of Gstadt am Chiemsee, an area that would become influential on his work.

c. 1930

'Alpine Landscape With Fir Trees'

Max Martens


Lost his home during the war and moved permanently to Gstadt am Chiemsee.


Died in Gstadt am Chiemsee, Germany.

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