Llansol, José Genovés (1850–1930)

Llansol, José Genovés (1850–1930)

José Genovés Llansol was a Spanish artist much enamoured with capturing the character and personality of his hometown of Valencia.

Llansol was trained at the School of Fine Arts in the city. His skill was noticed, and he received funding for a trip to further his studies in Rome. It was to his hometown that Llansol dedicated his professional career, however. He lived and worked there for most of his life, capturing everyday scenes of the city and its people. He produced a number of portraits, as well as genre scenes and still life images.

His works are rich in colour and character. Vibrant, luminous palettes bring to life each street, each building, each person, each piece of clothing. This palette is combined with poses and expressions of interest and action. A woman sits braiding her hair, another is removing pins from her own updo. Both wear expressions of contemplation, seemingly caught in a moment of everyday routine whilst their minds wander.

Llansol exhibited frequently in Valencia as well as displaying work at the National Exhibition held in Madrid in 1881. There is, unfortunately, very little left to be found of him in the historical records. Nonetheless, his works speak of a passionate and animated painter. Each work is a love letter to Valencia.


Born in Valencia, Spain.


Exhibited at the National Exhibition, Madrid, Spain.


Died in Valencia, Spain. Buried in Valencia Cemetery.

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