Lelong, Rene (1871-1938)

Lelong, Rene (1871-1938)
Lelong, Rene (1871-1938)

Rene Lelong was one of the finest illustrators in France during the early 20th-century. His work covered an array of subjects but he’s predominantly known for social scenes involving women and striking posters.

There’s a sense of youthful exuberance, excitement and glamour running through his illustrations - he captured Parisian society at the height of its decadence.

He worked for various publishers including Paul Ollendorf and Pierre Lafitte while also providing drawings for notable magazines.

Here’s another example of his work:



Born in Arrou, France.


Awarded a medal at the Salon of French Artists.


Elected a member of the Salon of French Artists.


Began designing posters for Kodak.


Died in Blois, France.

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