Kinnaird, Henry John (1861-1929)

Kinnaird, Henry John (1861-1929)

British artist Henry John Kinnaird is predominantly known for his tranquil depictions of the enchanting British countryside. He was particularly fond of gentle river views and picturesque pastoral scenes with rolling hills. Born in London, he was probably trained by his father Francis Kinnaird (1836-1916) and to gain further experience he undertook various study trips around the UK.

Kinnaird’s England is one of bucolic splendour rendered with deft draughtsmanship. His graceful views capture a quieter side of nature amid a light breeze and tremulous foliage. It’s wholesome and lacks the complexity of industry - exactly the tonic for town-dwelling patrons.

Silvery rivers meander through verdant pasture while lazy cattle amble past quaint thatched cottages. Haymakers stack carts pulled by proud horses, before undulant scenery that extends towards the light.

He was consistent throughout his career and produced an extensive body of work.

Henry John Kinnaird exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and the Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham. He’s represented at Chelmsford Museum.


Born in St Pancras, London to Francis (1836-1916), an artist, and Charlotte (née Lee).

Probably trained by his father.


Living in Camden, London.
Debuted at the Royal Society of British Artists with ‘In The Green Woods, Near Buxton’.


Married Alice Mary Leyland.


Debuted at The Royal Academy with ‘Hayfield at Highgate’. He exhibited nine works in total.


Living in Chingford, Essex.


Married Mary Helen Cooke.


Living in Worthing, Sussex.


Living in Arundel, Sussex.

Moved to Ringmer, Sussex.


Died in Ringmer, Sussex.

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