Hines, Theodore (b.1859)

Hines, Theodore (b.1859)

British artist Theodore Hines is predominantly known for his naturalistic landscapes, which often capture rugged woodlands, the shimmering Thames, and craggy uplands. He probably received some early tuition from his older brother Frederick Hines (1852-1928) with both exhibiting at the Royal Academy. His works are held in numerous public collections.


Royal Academy, Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street.

Public Collections

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Orleans House Gallery, Tameside Museums and Galleries, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, National Trust.



Born in London, England.


Living in Southwark, London, with his father, brother - the artist Frederick Hines (1852-1928), and sister.


Debuted at the Royal Academy with ‘Spring’. He exhibited seven works in total between 1880 and 1889.


Lodging in St Pancras, London, with Eugene and Susannah Brisson.


Living in Holborn, London, with wife Agnes, a son and two daughters (who were both aspiring actresses).

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