Eichhorn, Peter (1877-1960)

Eichhorn, Peter (1877-1960)

German artist Peter Eichhorn captured a vivid, sentimental view of rural, pastoral life in his homeland through his landscapes and genre scenes.

Painting for Eichhorn was, it seems, a passion and a hobby. He received no formal training and taught himself whilst working full-time as a banker in Munich. A better city he could not have chosen for artistic inspiration. Munich was the centre for art in Germany, being home to the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, a vivacious hub of artistic creativity.

Indeed, there seems to be some inspiration taken by Eichhorn from the Munich School of Painters. Within this group of creatives, most of whom studied at the Academy, many experimented with naturalism and were keen to portray scenes of the German countryside and traditional folk life. Perhaps Eichhorn absorbed the cultural impact these painters made upon both his city and its art, for he paints with a passion for country scenes in which nature takes centre stage.

Earthy tones conduct a rippling of grass across his canvas, segmented from a cloud-frosted sky by a blockade of shadowed woodland. A hazy scene of the Inn River winding casually through a verdant vision of pleasantness conjures the heady heat of a summer’s day. In some works, Eichhorn seems to demonstrate experimentation with more impressionistic stylings, using bolder brushstrokes. In others, there is a more traditional style of execution. What remains consistent is his appreciation for nature and idyllic ideals of life.


Born in Bamberg, Germany.


Exhibited at the Munich Art Association.


Exhibited at the Great German Art Exhibition.


Died in Munich, Germany.

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