Dicksee, Herbert Thomas (1862-1942)

Dicksee, Herbert Thomas (1862-1942)
Dicksee, Herbert Thomas (1862-1942)

Herbert Thomas Dicksee was a British painter and etcher who specialised in dog paintings. His works are widely collected and still highly regarded.

Other members of his family were also artists including his father John Dicksee (1817–1905) and cousin, Sir Frank Dicksee (1853-1928) - the President of the Royal Academy from 1924. John Dicksee was known for his portraits and Frank Dicksee for his dramatic scenes that tended to reference legends and acts of chivalry.

In contrast, Herbert preferred fairly sedate subjects - “Plowing The Field”, “The Dying Lion” and “My Lady Sleeps”. He also often painted his dogs and the big cats at London Zoo.


Born in London.


Married Ella Crump. The couple later had two children, Maurice, who was killed in the First World War, and Dorothy who studied art.


Died in Hampstead, London.

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