De Rougemont, Philippe (1891-1965)

De Rougemont, Philippe (1891-1965)

French artist Philippe De Rougemont is predominantly known for his spirited figures and portraits in oil.

Hailing from Lille in France, he soon moved to Paris to study at the Académie Delecluse - and while living in the French capital, met his future wife Sigrid Wahlström who was also undertaking artistic training. By 1919, the pair had settled in Stockholm, to establish a studio and raise a family. Here, Philippe became known for producing rhythmically-charged enigmatic portraits - including several for Swedish dignitaries, and he’s represented in several public collections.


Primarily in France and Sweden.

Public Collections

Maritime Museum in Gothenburg, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Notable Works

Portrait Of A Woman With Folded Arms (c.1935)

Phillipe De Rougemont

Portrait Of A Lady In An Evening Gown (c.1950)

Portrait Of A Lady In An Evening Gown



Born in Lille, France to Pastor Alfred de Rougemont and Baroness Franziska von Stain zu Lausnitz.


Studied at the Académie Delecluse in Paris.


Married the artist Sigrid Wahlström.


Birth of daughter, Béatrice De Rougemont.


Moved to Stockholm, Sweden.


Birth of son, Erik De Rougemont.


Died in Stockholm, Sweden.

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