Dammeier, Rudolf (1851-1936)

Dammeier, Rudolf (1851-1936)

German artist Rudolf Dammeier is predominantly known for genre scenes, interiors and portraits. Born in Berlin, he received a formal education via the Berliner Bauakademie, Prussian Academy of Arts, and the Karlsruhe Art School.

Given his formal education, Dammeier’s works are underpinned with an appreciation of old master grandiosity yet they’re delivered in looser brushwork. There’s a sense of controlled expression whereby the details of a subject are represented faithfully yet delivered with a layer of restrained flourishes.

Rudolf Dammeier

Rudolf Dammeier, Interior From The Würzburg Residence (c.1900)

Rudolf Dammeier

Rudolf Dammeier, Interior (1924)

Rudolf Dammeier exhibited extensively including at the Berlin Secession, Munich Glass Palace and Paris World Exhibition, where he received an Honourable Mention. He was a member of the Berlin Artists' Association and several museums hold examples of his work.


Born in Berlin, Germany.


Studied at the Berliner Bauakademie.


Studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts under Karl Gussow.


Studied at the Karlsruhe Art School under Ernst Hildebrand.


Spent numerous summers in Meran and Tyrol painting with his friends, Franz Skarbina and Ernst Henseler.


Lived in Munich, Germany.


Exhibited at the Berlin Academy.


Exhibited at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition.


Exhibited at the Berlin Secession.


Exhibited at the Munich Glass Palace.
Awarded an Honourable Mention at the Paris World Exhibition.


Died in Berlin.

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