Michie, James Coutts (1859-1919)

Michie, James Coutts (1859-1919)
Michie, James Coutts (1859-1919)

Scottish artist James Coutts Michie is predominantly known for capturing tranquil views under an obliging light with soft hazy brushwork. But he also produced genre scenes and portraits.

Born in Marywell, near Aboyne, Scotland, Michie received a remarkable education under the tutelage of two masters - the rugged eccentric Joseph Farquharson and the graceful genius, Carolus-Duran. To gain further experience, he travelled to Italy, Spain, France and Morocco, settling in Tangier for several years.

His landscapes are a particular success and influenced by the French Barbizon School painters, such as Charles-François Daubigny (1817-1878). Painting primarily outdoors, his gentle works are akin to passing daydreams with shimmering light dancing across muted verdancy.

Aberdeen silhouetted in violet mists. Entrancing Corot-esque trees guiding the eye.

Coutts Michie

James Coutts Michie, Old Aberdeen From The South-West

His early scenes often exhibit a greater sense of rugged Victoriana. Here, a young girl peers through a window from within a humble cottage setting.

Coutts Michie

James Coutts Michie, Girl In A Cottage Interior (1877)

Today, James Coutts Michie is represented at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, Nottingham City Museums & Galleries, the Walker Art Gallery, Westminster College, Cambridge, and the Wolverhampton Art Gallery.


Born in Marywell, Birse near Aboyne, Scotland to Harry Michie, a merchant, and Elizabeth Coutts.

Trained under Joseph Farquharson at the Trustee Academy, Edinburgh.

Trained under Carolus-Duran in Paris.


Debuted at the Royal Scottish Academy with ‘A Study From Nature’. He would exhibit 98 works in total.


Awarded a Travelling Scholarship by the Royal Scottish Academy.

Travelled to France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco.


Debuted at the Royal Academy with ‘Crossing The Ford’. He would exhibit 21 works in total.


Moved to England.
Elected an Associate Member of the Royal Scottish Academy.


Married Mary McCulloch.


Built ‘Oak Hall’ a country house in Haslemere, Surrey.


Died in Haslemere, Surrey.

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