Bouché, Louis Georges (1896-1969)

Bouché, Louis Georges (1896-1969)

Louis Georges Bouché was a fascinating character who spent his early years living and studying in France. He was born in New York but, following the death of his father in 1909, his mother moved the family to Paris.

In an interview with John Morse in 1959, Bouché recalls his time in France studying under painter Bernard Dumey who became his private tutor over the Summer months. He travelled to Brittany with Dumay and the pair would paint various views - carefully observing the beautiful array of light the region was well-known for. He returned to the US at the start of WWI but Europe left an indelible mark on his style and career. 

Later in life, he curated many exhibitions at Wanamaker’s on Broadway, New York and in 1933, he won a Guggenheim Fellowship to travel and study once again in Europe.

Nationality: American
Born: 1896
Died: 1969
Studied: Under Bernard Dumey

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Louis Georges Bouché, Portrait Of A Female Nude

Louis Georges Bouché, Portrait Of A Female Nude
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