Weißes Pferd [Ludwig Wilhelm Plock]

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Ludwig Wilhelm Plock (1878-1940) was a German impressionist painter that studied at the Karlsruhe Academy and then later at Trübner. Many of his works feature wildlife and he clearly had a fondness for nature in general. This is the only depiction of a white horse that we can find and it’s beauty is in its simplicity.

The horse fills the canvas and stands with its head slightly facing away from us. Broad, confident, brushwork creates light and shade on the torso, while finer work illustrates the details on the saddle. From the mud underneath, you can tell that it’s recently returned from a hack.

Medium Oil on canvas
Size including frame 30” x 25½” / 76cm x 65cm
Year of creation c. 1890 - c. 1920
Condition It’s had a hard life and needs a good home. There are visible losses, particularly around the head, but no rips or repairs. Later frame.