Fabian Lucangioli, The Morning After The Night Before

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A highly stylised portrait depicting a woman smoking, early in the morning, in a cafe or bar.

This painting is an intriguing mystery… Firstly, it’s suggestively entitled ‘The Morning After The Night Before’, which conjures up all kinds of possibilities. Who is this woman and what’s on her mind? Do we assume that she’s spent last night with an illicit lover? Or perhaps another less obvious act has taken place that she’s now dwelling on?

Secondly, the artist is a complete enigma and seemingly impossible to track down. Lucangioli tends to be an Argentinian surname but there are no records anywhere online (aside from those that relate to this portrait). Clearly, this isn’t the work of an amateur as he’s even had the confidence to surreptitiously sign his name on the coffee cup.

The razor-sharp style of this mysterious painting is reminiscent of the polished work of Tamara de Lempicka - an artist and socialite known for her beguiling Art Deco portraits of glamorous females.

A simply brilliant depiction, which completely captures the imagination.

Acrylic on board
Size including frame
34½” x 26⅓” / 87.5cm x 67cm x 4cm
Year of creation
c. 1980 - c. 2010
Artwork in excellent condition. Frame with some scuff marks and a slight dent at the top towards the back (which is out of sight when hung).