The Greyhound

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An interesting piece of antique folk art depicting a black and white greyhound. It's particularly unusual for two reasons - firstly, it has text painted under the figure and secondly, it's been created on a thick oak panel, which has some age to it.

The reasons for this are unknown but perhaps it could be a small version of a pub sign used to illustrate someone's craft. Maybe they took it with them when speaking to willing publicans? Although, that said, it has a handmade loop to hang it up, so it could simply be a decorative piece for a pub wall.

Or perhaps someone just liked greyhounds... 

A real mystery and very difficult to date. Signed on the back by burning into the wood.

Medium Oil on panel
Size 13⅔” x 11½” / 35cm x 29.5cm
Year of creation c. 1800 - c. 1920
Condition Some craquelure but overall good. As found.