RESERVED - Tempi Madonna [Boucher Desnoyers After Raphael]

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A beautiful hand-crafted engraving of Raphael’s Tempi Madonna by one of the greatest French engravers of all time - Baron Auguste Gaspard Louis Boucher Desnoyers (1779-1857).

The original work is an oil painting that Raphael created in 1508 for the Tempi family. It was purchased by Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1829 and is currently housed in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich.

Boucher Desnoyers, the engraver, began honing his skills at the age of ten and, by 20, he was winning awards at the Paris Salon. One of the highlights of his illustrious career came in 1810 when he was commissioned to create a full length portrait of the Emperor Napoleon in his coronation robes (after Gérard). One of these impressive engravings fetched £1,875 at Christie’s in 2010

Another copy of this original Tempi Madonna engraving can be found in the British Museum. In terms of provenance, the engraver's stamp is located in the bottom left along with an inscription to confirm the authenticity of the work.

Please just ask if you would like this painting to be framed and we will try to source something appropriate for its age. We only charge for the cost of the actual frame (approximately £30) and include the framing process for free.

18” x 15” / 46cm x 38cm
Year of creation
c. 1821
In fine condition. Some minor age-related wear to the edges.
Engraver’s auction highlight Achieved £1,500 at Christie's in 2010 for an engraving of Napoleon.