Pre-Raphaelite Crystoleum Portrait [Franz Hanfstaengl]

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A first class example of a mid-19th century crystoleum portrait by prolific creator, Franz Hanfstaengl. A crystoleum is essentially a hand-coloured photograph applied to the back of glass.

Franz Seraph Hanfstaengl (1804 - 1877) was a popular Bavarian painter, lithographer and photographer. From his workshop in Munich, he produced many portraits of distinguished characters, including King Ludwig II and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. His notoriety earned him the nickname 'Count Litho'.

Size including frame
9½” x 8” / 24cm x 20cm
Year of creation
c. 1840 - c. 1860
A few light scratches to the glass.
Artist’s auction highlight A photograph by Hanfstaengl sold for £4,485 at Péron-Champin, France, in 2001.