Jean Baptiste Discart, Portrait Of A Lady With A Yellow Rose

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A beautiful half-length portrait of a lady with a yellow rose by well-known orientalist painter, Jean Baptiste Discart (1856-1944).

This style of low-cut dress became popular among the rising classes during the late 19th-Century. It was regarded as highly controversial by a stoic older generation as it drew attention towards a young lady’s décolletage - particularly with the addition of a rose. But perhaps the degree of disapproval only served to make the fashion even more attractive.

Jean Baptiste Discart studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under German classical painter, Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880). In 1884, he exhibited at the Paris Salon and his works have reached up to £270,000 at auction.

We believe that this early portrait was created in 1879 during his time in Austria, two years after leaving the Academy. It bears all the hallmarks of a young and confident emerging artist looking to establish himself during one of the most exciting times for art.

Please take a look at the blog article for further details and provenance.

Oil on canvas
Size including frame
33” x 26⅓” / 84cm x 67cm
Year of creation
c. 1879
Condition Towards the bottom there are two small areas of paint loss and one of these is indented. There are no repairs, holes or tears and the paint seems to be very stable. There's an area of white towards the top of the canvas which isn't due to to wear and is likely to be original. Perhaps the previous frame covered this area. The current wooden frame is newer and in good condition.
Artist's auction highlight £270,000 achieved at Sotheby's in 2012 for 'L'Atelier De Poterie, Tanger', £170,000 achieved at Sotheby's in 2018 for 'The Cobbler', and £150,000 achieved at Phillips in 2000 for 'The Curiosity Dealer'.