Portrait Of A Lady In White

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A superb mid-20th-century Italian portrait of a female on a beach wearing a white swimsuit. A crisp continental sky illuminates the golden sand as she glances over her right shoulder.

This image carries such an iconic look and it’s rare to find an oil painting so synonymous with the sleek style of the 1950s. It feels a little like a precursor to an advertising campaign, so perhaps the artist was also an illustrator honing his skills.

Housed in a painted white frame with gold trim.

Oil on card
Size including frame
20” x 16” / 51cm x 41cm x 5cm
Year of creation
c. 1940 - c. 1960
In the top right, there seems to be a scratch which reveals the gesso layer, along with several areas where the paint is a little thin. In the bottom left, the corner is slightly raised. In addition, the frame has some scuff marks and seems to have been decorated with small indentations.