Portrait Of An Artist With A Pipe

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An early 20th-century oil on canvas depicting a debonaire artist smoking a long clay pipe. With his striking gaze and neatly coiffured moustache, he carries an air of a confident creative gent.

There’s a note attached to the top of the frame that provides some information relating to the subject and painter but it’s difficult to read. It appears that the subject’s surname is ‘Kohlund’ but we’ve been unable to decipher a first name.

Based on the date of the painting, it’s possible that it could be Fritz Kohlund (1869-1907). Fritz was married to the actress, Anna Helene Kohlund, and he was the grandfather of actor, Erwin Kohlund. We’re trying to locate a photograph of Fritz and our research continues.

The portrait is housed within a black lacquered wooden frame with an inset gilt slip.

Oil on canvas
Size including frame
28⅓” x 24” / 72cm x 61cm
Year of creation
c. 1900
Craquelure throughout but otherwise fine. Frame with various scuffs and age-related wear.