Portrait Miniature Of A Lady In A Pink Dress

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A charming late-Georgian portrait miniature of a lady wearing a beautiful pink and white silk dress.

As you can see, her outfit is quite simple and lacks many of the embellishments often associated with the 18th century. This would suggest that she dates to around 1790 when women were abandoning the grandeur of the Rococo period in favour of a free-flowing, elegant and natural style.

Powered wigs were still popular in 1790 and were made from real human hair. They took many hours to create and women often wore them for several days. A powder made of starch would be applied to the wig as this helped to maintain its shape.

Under magnification, it appears that the painting is a watercolour on ivory but we’ve not removed the backing to double check as that could damage the paper.

Watercolour on ivory
Size including frame
4¾” x 4¾” / 12cm x 12cm x 1cm
Year of creation
c. 1780 - c. 1810
Artwork in good condition. Frame with some light age-related wear.