Niels Skovgaard, A Summer Day In A Garden In Esrum

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A glorious Summertime scene depicting a garden in Esrum by accomplished Danish painter, Niels Skovgaard (1858-1938). With a series of quick daubs and a few blocks of colour, the artist has captured the atmosphere beautifully.

The view is flanked by two mature trees, which are dappled with light and casting shadows in the foreground. While on the right, a stone-built building partially emerges and reflects the sun from its tiled roof.

Skovgaard produced this piece towards the end of his life when his works had become entirely impressionistic. And in a similar vein to Monet’s final works, this is primarily a study into the varying effects of light.

It’s easy to imagine him carrying his easel out to the garden and sitting under a shady tree. It looks to be such a sun-drenched day that the temptation to paint would’ve been overwhelming.

The Skovgaard family have a museum dedicated to them in Viborg, Denmark, and you can find out more about Niels at

Oil on canvas laid on wood
Size including frame
14” x 12¼” / 35.5cm x 31cm
Year of creation 1935
Good. Frame with light age-related wear.
Artist's auction highlight
£3,912 achieved in 2000 for ‘En traeskomager i Ellemose’ (72cm x 64cm).