Reserved - Gösta Bohm, Portrait Of A Man In A Fedora Hat

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An early 20th-century portrait of a man wearing a black jacket, white scarf, and dark fedora hat. The artist, Gustaf "Gösta" Adolf Bohm (1890-1981), has adopted an expressionistic approach to capture this gentleman’s persona. A palette of black, green and brown has been applied with broad brushstrokes and thick layers of oil paint (impasto).

Bohm was around 34 when he created this piece, which was during his time studying in Dresden under Richard Guhr (1873-1956). Guhr had been an important teacher to the great German expressionist, Otto Dix (1891-1969), so you can imagine that a young Bohm would’ve been inspired by Dix’s unnerving, often macabre, style.

The identity of the gentleman in this portrait is unknown but he certainly carries an intriguing presence.

Oil on board
Size including frame
21½” x 17½” / 55cm x 45cm
Year of creation 1924
Artwork in excellent condition. Frame with two areas of paint loss.
Artist’s auction highlight
£1,033 achieved at Auktionskammare, Sweden, for ‘Strandmotiv från Hudiksvall’ in 1991.