Frederik Vermehren, Portrait Of A Bearded Gentleman

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A fine early-20th-century depiction of a bearded gentleman by highly regarded Danish artist, Frederik Vermehren (1823-1910). This is an outstanding portrait full of exquisitely rendered details that bring us closer to its characterful subject.

Vermehren was a genre and portrait painter that worked during the ‘Golden Age of Danish Painting’. He’s best known for his depictions of ordinary rural folk, particularly farmers and those that work the land.

His first exposure to the academic world of art came via drawing classes with landscape painter Hans Harder (1792–1873) at the Sorø Academy. This provided the basis for a successful career and in 1844, he enrolled at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen.

With the Academy’s support, Vermehren spent time absorbing the rich artistic heritage of flourishing cities such as Florence, Venice, Rome, Paris, Cologne and Brussels. He would later exhibit in many major international cities, including at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1878.

In 1864, he became a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and focused primarily on portraiture from that point on.

Since his death in 1910, many of his works have been acquired by museums, including the National Art Museum in Copenhagen, and one of his early paintings ‘A Shoemaker in his Kitchen’ was purchased by King Christian VIII.

The portrait is monogrammed and dated in the bottom left.

Oil on canvas
Size including frame
15½” x 13” / 39cm x 33cm
Year of creation 1908
Artwork with very fine craquelure but otherwise in excellent condition. Frame with some age-related wear.
Artist’s auction highlight
£13,562 achieved in 2006 for ‘En Malkepige, Der Hviler Sig’.