Attr. Christian August Lorentzen, Portrait Of Barbara Nicolette Brorson

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A fine early 19th-century portrait of Barbara Nicolette Brorson, née Kynde (1755–1807), attributed to noteworthy Danish painter, Christian August Lorentzen (1749-1828).

Lorentzen was adept at capturing a subject’s character and his portraits often seem gentler than many of his contemporaries’. He’s recognised as being an influential figure in Danish art and spent the latter part of his career as the Director of the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Many of his works now hang in Danish museums.

In this charming portrait of Barbara Brorson, her large gentle eyes and subtle smile, seem to communicate her warmth and wit. While her casual outfit, with its open neckline and slightly dishevelled collar, give the impression of a busy woman.

Barbara was born in Holstebro, West Denmark, to Ebbe Clemensen Kynde and Cathrine Margrethe Brorson, and went on to marry her cousin Anders Winding Brorson (1755-1833). Anders was an intelligent and highly regarded schoolmaster who doted on his loving wife.

The portrait is housed within a beautiful 19th-century frame, which bears the subject’s name on its original plaque.

Oil on canvas
Size including frame
18” x 15½” / 45.5cm x 39.5cm
Year of creation
c. 1800
Good. Areas of craquelure but the paint layer is stable under varnish. Canvas relined. Frame with light age-related wear.
Artist’s auction highlight £42,000 achieved at Sotheby’s, UK, in 2012 for ‘Kristiania, From Ekebergasen’ (72.5cm x 88cm).