Selling With Brave

In 2017, I created Brave Fine Art to showcase a collection of antique and vintage paintings that are worth talking about. Since then, I’ve sold over 400 originals to private collectors around the world and now it’s time to switch my focus to contemporary art.

For a 20% commission, I'll edit your images, so they're presented nicely, add them to the site and promote them to our clients.

I tend to sell originals at between £300 and £2,000.

How it works
  • Please send large images of up to ten of your recent works along with their title, size, medium and price. You may wish to use Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  • These will be edited, added to the Brave Fine Art website and discussed with our clients.
  • When a buyer contacts us, I'll ask you for a shipping quote and arrange the sale.
  • The buyer then pays you directly and you ship the painting.
  • We'll then invoice you for the commission.

I hope we can work together.