We’re excited to announce the first of four exhibitions in delightful Regency Cheltenham. Our Spring exhibition will focus on Nordic Art and feature an array of atmospheric works. It runs from the 28th of April to the 4th of May at Sixteen Gallery. Expect to see exquisite scenes, expressive portraits and fine landscapes ranging from the early-19th to the mid-20th-century.

The show will include some of our favourite Danish and Swedish artists including:

Julius Paulsen (1860-1940)

A highly respected Danish artist who blended a wide range of influences to create skilfully poised, almost timeless, masterpieces.

He was born in Odense, the son of a shopkeeper, and attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen - where he later became a professor. From early on, his significant skill was noted by his contemporaries, particularly with regards to his portraiture. He had an inordinate ability to capture a subject’s spirit with accuracy and expression.

Julius Paulsen

Anders Zorn (1860-1920)

Anders Zorn is considered to be one of Sweden’s greatest artists and, today, his works are held in many of the world’s leading public collections. He was a precocious talent who impressed from an early age. He studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Art in Stockholm and was soon commissioned by many of Stockholm’s notable dignitaries. Following this, he travelled extensively and achieved international success - with portraits including three American presidents.

Today he’s represented in the Musée d'Orsay, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Anders Zorn

Edvard Petersen (1841-1911)

Danish painter, Edvard Petersen was a true Academy man who is primarily known for light-filled rural views and keen observations of daily life. Towards the end of his career, he achieved various accolades via the Royal Academy including the title of Professor in 1894.

Edvard Petersen

Viggo Pedersen (1854-1926) 

Viggo Pedersen was a fascinating artist that developed a love for impressionism following study trips to Paris in the 1880s. He began his career as a classical painter and trained at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. But gradually over a ten year period, his works became looser and often flooded with light.

He’s predominantly known for his landscapes, which depict luscious green views and coastal scenery. Pedersen’s work can be found in several public collections including at the Danish National Gallery.

Viggo Pedersen

Carl Vilhelm Meyer (1870-1938)

Meyer often painted everyday family scenes and many included his own daughters. He was also a conscientious artist that tended to depict the most downtrodden in society. He painted with empathy for those who had little and as such was often referred to as the ‘poor man’s painter’.

Carl V Meyer

Christian Tilemann-Petersen (1874-1926)

Tilemann-Petersen had a skill for capturing the mood within quiet interiors and several of his oil paintings have appeared at the leading auction houses. His works often possess an unusual atmosphere - gentle and introspective.

Christian Tilemann-Petersen

Valdemar Magaard (1864-1937)

Valdemar Magaard deftly uses the effects of light to capture the imagination and his works pose more questions than they answer.

Valdemar Magaard


Sixteen Gallery is located in Cheltenham’s Montpellier district with its exclusive shops and award-winning eateries. The Regency architecture is also sublime.

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