Getting Started

Brave is a popular gallery for private collectors, interior designers and affluent country homeowners. We enjoy building long term relationships with our artists and often see good results over time.

Getting started

To begin with, we need a short biography along with a high resolution profile photo. This will be added to various websites alongside your work.

Together, we then need to agree which of your works will be included in your opening collection at Brave.


Once a painting is sold, you then pack it securely and send us the box dimensions and weight. We then pay for shipping via DHL Express and book the collection for you. Collections need to be arranged within 3 working days of the sale.

Please use triple strength boxes and thick bubble wrap or a bespoke crate.


You will receive your payment 14 days after the painting has been received by the client. We have a 14 day returns policy for contemporary paintings.


We require a 5% commission on all sales plus the cost of shipping. This will be deducted from your payout.

Open Edition Prints

We reserve the right to produce and sell open edition prints of the work you list with us. These encourage entry level buyers to get involved in your art and may lead to more interest in your originals. Do let us know if any of your works have already had limited edition runs printed as this will prohibit us from producing ours.

Points to note

  • If a painting arrives with damage, this may affect your payout. Paintings are insured but a decision will be made by the insurer on the quality of the packaging. If they feel that a parcel has not been packed well, they won’t complete the claim.
  • Clients may try to buy directly to cut out the gallery commission, so please don’t sell your work at a lower price on your website or social media. Please also ask clients how they found out about you as often it’s through Brave or one of our marketplaces.
  • Please do not list the work you have sent us with other galleries at a lower price.
  • We reserve the right to use your work tastefully in advertising materials.

Hopefully this all makes sense and we look forward to building a successful partnership with you.