Joshua Armitage, Bins With Snow II

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We love this curious little painting by British artist, Joshua Armitage. He seems to have a knack for capturing the beauty in the everyday mundane.

"This is a painting from my garden wall series and was made after a snow storm in 2018. It depicts the wall outside my own house in South London UK.

"The painting continues my interest in finding the beauty in the overlooked and common place. A kind of meditation on the quiet subtleties or the strangeness of the everyday. Always look closely at my paintings as part of their appeal for me is the surface quality of the paint.

"I am more often than not inspired by abstract painters like Gillian Ayers and De Kooning so the way I apply the paint is just as important as the image that is been painted."

Oil on wood
5” x 7” / 13cm x 18cm