James Earley

Figurative Painter, Southampton, UK

Multi-award winning artist, James Earley, is one of the leading lights in British figurative painting and a highly regarded talent internationally. With a hyper-realistic approach and a desire to paint the unconventional, he’s established himself as a favourite among peers, collectors, and critics.

His first break came in 2013 when he was selected to appear at The Art Investors' prestigious ‘Seven Artists Exhibition’. This was held at The Strand Gallery, London, and featured the ‘very best young artists in the World’. At the time, his gritty portrayals of notable musicians were widely acclaimed by the press and proved to be a catalyst for his early career.

This was followed on, in 2015, by a series of emotive urban studies depicting people living on the streets, victims of war, and religious martyrs. This notable second series earned him nominations for The BP Award, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and The Royal Institute Of Portrait Painters.

And in 2019, his efforts culminated in a prestigious Michelangelo International Award, along with first prize at the London Biennale. As a result, the German Kunst Heute publication and The International Contemporary Art Curators described him as one of the most significant artists in the world today.