Nicolaï Alexandovitch Okolowicz, River Landscape With Sunset, Fisherman & Cattle

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An atmospheric oil on canvas depicting a winding river at sunset by the Russian painter, Nicolaï Alexandovitch Okolowicz (1876-1928). Given the age of the canvas, he would’ve painted this during the early part of his career and may have been studying in France at the time.

It fits with the style of the Barbizon group of artists who were active between 1830-1870. These were some of the first to truly embrace painting outdoors and they’re seen as a precursor to the French impressionists.

We love the deep contrast between the dark tree-lined riverbank and the light graduated sky. If you peer into the shadows on the right-hand side, you can see a woman standing by a bull, which has stopped for a drink.

Little is recorded about Nicolaï Alexandovitch Okolowicz but he’s primarily known as a painter of landscapes and still lifes.

The painting is signed in the lower right.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
18” x 22” / 46cm x 56cm
Year of creation
c. 1900
Craquelure throughout but the paint layer seems stable. One tidy repair. Scuffing around the edges due to its previous frame.
Artist’s auction highlight
£1,283 achieved for ‘Nature morte au bouquet de fleurs’ in 2012.