Art In Plain English... Emerging Artists

By Andy Shield

Art In Plain English... Emerging Artists

Being an emerging artist has nothing to do with slowly appearing from behind a DFS sofa and startling sale-hunters. 

Emerging artists are ‘emerging’ into the professional art world and casting aside their humble amateur beginnings. They’re the artists that collectors keep tabs on.

Take John for example, actually let’s call him Johan as he’s from Sweden. Take Johan, he’s a 25-year-old amateur artist that’s starting to get noticed by galleries. Following a few exhibitions, a small independent gallery reaches out to represent him and begins to sell his paintings. As a result, the value of his work doubles because now it's in good company.

Johan is beginning to emerge - somewhat like a fair-skinned moth launching out of a chrysalis.*

From here, he’s approached by a larger gallery and signs on the dotted line. His works are exhibited frequently and one or two reach a museum. Nice one, Johan. He buys himself a new palette knife and some vintage dungarees. Man about town.

Collectors are now scrambling to purchase his latest creations - he's heading towards becoming a mid-market artist.

Clearly, I’ve oversimplified this example but you get the idea. If you bought one of Johan’s early works, you’ve done well. Not only can you enjoy the art for its Scandinavian decorativeness but you’ve also made some money.

*Not every moth has wings.