Artist Directory — Wansleben-Zorn

Wickström, Åke (1927-2019)

Swedish artist Åke Wickström translated the many scenic views of Sweden and further afield into sudden, vivacious impressions through his art. Wickström’s la...
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Witsen, Willem (1860-1923)

Dutch artist Willem Witsen came from an old, established, and wealthy patrician family. He had Amsterdam in his blood, and alongside it, the great Dutch pain...
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Wansleben, Arthur (1861-1917)

Arthur Wansleben studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and his works were shown at several prestigious exhibitions including at the Great Berlin Art Exhibiti...
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Warland, Charles (1856-1921)

Warland often painted atmospheric landscapes of this type and he was undoubtedly influenced by his teacher at the Brussels Fine Art Academy, Willem Roelofs (...
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Weiland, Johannes (1856-1909)

Dutch artist Johannes Weiland is predominantly known for rustic scenes depicting everyday rural life. New mothers look dotingly at babies in wicker baskets w...
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Westerop, Wilhelm (1876-1954)

Westerop was known for his portraits of animals, particularly horses and dogs. Given his high level of proficiency, it's likely that he was regularly commis...
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