Artist Directory — Therkildsen-Wandel

Voigt, Otto Eduard (1870-1949)

Artist Otto Eduard Voigt drew inspiration from his work as a ceramic painter in the genre scenes and still life paintings he executed during his lifetime. Vo...
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Thew, Robert (1758-1802)

Yorkshire-born artist, Robert Thew was a quick-witted gentleman that built a highly successful career as an engraver despite his lack of formal training. Fro...
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Thiriar, Willy (1889-1965)

Willy Thiriar lived in Brussels and worked during the early part of the 20th-century. Alongside his paintings and drawings, he also created illustrations and...
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Thom, James Crawford (1835-1898)

American artist James Crawford Thom was praised in his time for his ‘poetic’ and ‘thoughtful’ genre scenes and landscapes. Thom is very keen on rural and int...
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