Artist Directory — Rodde-Thaler

Schyl, Jules (1893-1977)

The bold lines and even bolder colour palette of Jules Schyl are the distinctive marks of an artist excited by new developments in artistic expression during...
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Starker, Erwin (1872-1938)

German artist Erwin Starker brought the verve and vivacity of nature to his landscape paintings. Working in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Starker w...
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Rodde, Carl Gustav (1830-1906)

Carl Gustav Rodde specialised in picturesque landscapes that celebrated an idealised vision of rural life. He adored the countryside and often chose to depic...
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Rohacs, Hermine (1889-1957)

Hermine Rohacs was an Austrian artist primarily known for landscapes, still lifes and portraits. She’s known to have worked in the Krems region of Austria. H...
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Rohde, Frederik (1816-1886)

Frederik Rohde trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and remains highly regarded for his exquisite landscapes. There’s a chance that this p...
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