Artist Directory — Moro-Reynaud

Reusing, Fritz (1874-1956)

The vivid portraits of German artist Fritz Reusing are the legacy of an artist known as the last of his kind. Reusing trained at the Düsseldorf Art Academy a...
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Rasmussen, Aage (b. 1892)

Danish artist Aage Rasmussen captured Copenhagen in the early 20th century in quick, sudden splashes of paint upon the canvas. The blurred faces of passers-b...
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Moro, Vala (b.1907)

Vala Moro was an Austrian-Hungarian dancer and artist working in Vienna during the 1920s and 1930s. She’s known to have danced at the illustrious Vienna Konz...
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Munill, Antoni (1939-1977)

Antoni Munill (1939-1977) was a Catalan painter who explored various ideas to created interesting and evolutionary artworks. He studied in Barcelona and also...
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Murr, Ernst (1920-2001)

Ernst Murr trained under Professor Ziegler at the Munich Academy and he's known for his still lifes and landscapes. He painted with a fair degree of expressi...
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