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Lundegård, Justus (1860-1924)

Justus Lundegård was one of the leading figures in the development and encouragement of art in Sweden in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Lundegård’s ...
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Maurer, Hermann (1874-1945)

German artist Hermann Maurer whipped up wild imagery of the German landscape with his staccato brushstrokes and his lavish use of colour. Hermann seems to de...
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Kulle, Axel (1846-1908)

Swedish artist, Axel Kulle, worked in the tricky space between two competing ideas. On one hand, his training at the Academy was based upon traditional princ...
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Kulle, Jakob (1838-1898)

Swedish artist, Jakob Kulle, produced wholesome genre scenes depicting everyday moments from rural life. They’re quiet and respectful, and generally lacking ...
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Kunwald, Cæsar (1870-1947)

Cæsar Kunwald was a well-travelled artist primarily known for his enchanting portraits, which are imbued with a sense of style, spirit and character. Initial...
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Lancaster, Percy (1878-1951)

Percy Lancaster was an accomplished and respected British artist with a wide-ranging oeuvre of work. Training originally as an architect, Lancaster pursued p...
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