Artist Directory — Hessellund-Kronstrand

Hoppe, Bruno (1859-1937)

Swedish artist Bruno Hoppe captured the character of human sitters and the transcendent beauties of nature in his vivid paintings. At times he also made stud...
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Hessellund, Hans (1851-1907)

Hans Andreasen Hessellund was the son of a farmer and his works tend to capture everyday moments within rural Danish homes. Several of his scenes have appear...
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Heyer, Arthur (1872-1931)

German-Hungarian painter Arthur Heyer was a respected painter of animal portraits and particularly well known for his fascination with white cats. Throughout...
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Heyligers, Henri (1877-1967)

Henri Heyligers is generally considered to be a painter of genre scenes depicting women with children but he also painted still lifes and landscapes. He stud...
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Hider, Frank (1861-1933)

Frank Hider was a British landscape painter known for extensive coastal views and far-reaching river landscapes. He was born in London and travelled extensiv...
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Hill, Vernon (1887-1953)

Yorkshire-born Vernon Hill was an outsider. His imaginative sculptures, drawings and etchings tumbled from an abundant mind, rich with mystical stories. Ange...
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Hoffsten, Lars (b. 1956)

Swedish painter and illustrator Lars Hoffsten is predominantly known for his expressive, often challenging, works which explore the human condition. Although...
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