Artist Directory — Dusaussay-Herkendell

Fuchs, Ernst (1930-2015)

Ernst Fuchs is considered as one of the finest artists to emerge from Austria, iconic for his fantastical, surreal works. His contribution to the furtherance...
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Erwö, Allan (1921-2007)

Swedish artist Allan Erwö painted with energy and modernism, a spirit reflected in his efforts to encourage the development of art in Sweden. Erwö benefitted...
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Gibbons, William (1841-1886)

No scene of the wild, rocky coasts of the westernmost counties of Devon and Cornwall escaped the attention of artist William Gibbons. His passion was to depi...
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Eckardt, Christian (1832-1914)

Danish artist Christian Eckardt is known predominantly for his peaceful and romantic marine scenes and seascapes, although he also executed a number of portr...
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Greig, Donald (1916-2009)

British artist Donald Greig produced a wide range of landscapes and seascapes soaked in a haze of idyllic peace. His work is reminiscent of the idyllic schoo...
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D’Argence, Eugène (1853-1920)

Eugène D’Argence trained under Pierre François Eugène Giraud and Charles Busson and he’s predominantly known as a landscape painter. His landscapes often dep...
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Ehlinger, Maurice (1896-1981)

Maurice Ehlinger was highly regarded during his lifetime and exhibited in several French museums and galleries. His work also formed part of an exhibition at...
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