Artist Directory — Boutry-Duroze

Durand, Godefroy (1832-1896)

Illustrator Godefroy Durand was at the forefront of periodical press illustration in France and Britain during the 19th century. The illustrated periodical p...
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Boutry, Edgar (1857-1938)

Edgar Boutry studied at the Lille Academic Schools and with Jules Cavelier at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He produced several statues in his hometown ...
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Braekevelt, Auguste (1832-1908)

Auguste Braekevelt was a painter and sculptor that trained under Égide Hyacinthe Mélot (1817-1885). Undoubtedly, his experience of working in three dimension...
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Branwhite, Charles (1817-1880)

British artist Charles Branwhite was an extremely accomplished watercolour and oil painter. He is known predominantly for his winter landscape scenes capturi...
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