Bergdahl, Ivan (1929-2021)

Swedish artist Ivan Bergdahl produced a large oeuvre of landscape paintings throughout his successful career, covering the beauteous and shifting scenery of ...
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Berggren, Edward (1876-1961)

Edward Berggren was a talented painter that trained at the Academy in Stockholm and the Académie Colarossi in Paris. He also undertook various study trips to...
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Berkes, Antal (1874-1938)

Antal Berkes was born in Budapest and later lived in Paris, where he enjoyed capturing views of bustling streets. He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in B...
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Betigny, Ernest (1873-1960)

Ernest Betigny is primarily known for his rustic rural scenes and still lifes. He hailed from Schaerbeek and studied at the Academy in Brussels. Nationality:...
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Bille, Carl Ludwig (1815-1898)

Carl Ludwig Bille was one of the foremost Danish marine artists of his time. Working during the 19th century, Bille captured the many shifting states of the ...
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Birkso, Carl (1901-1963)

Carl Birkso (aka Frederik Drews) was predominantly known for his interior scenes that captured a quiet moment of stillness within simple rooms. He was the so...
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